The main ingredient of my work is freedom. To plan a project, I need three kinds of freedom: the freedom my client allows me, the freedom the authorities give me and that which I give myself. Working in Africa gave me the benefit of all three kinds of freedom, making me fully responsible for the merits (and demerits) of my work. Another must-have component is respect: respect for those who will utilize my architecture. Respect keeps me from taking too much advantage of my freedom. ” Fabrizio Carola

The National Council of P.P.C. Architects (CNAPP), in an effort to strengthen the role of architecture, viewed in multidisciplinary terms, and act concretely and effectively in the framework of development processes that can contribute to steering international policies of cooperation and solidarity, has promoted a series of actions intended to:

  • Valorizing and promoting the experience of architects in the sector of cooperation and solidarity, in Italy and abroad.
  • Propose the CNAPPC and the system of Orders as an institutional point of reference.
  • Provide guarantees and respect of the architect’s role and professional dedication.
  • Develop professional training and qualifying courses.
  • Restore the architect’s social role.
  • Orient interested architects towards professional and volunteer opportunities in the cooperation and solidarity sector.
  • Promote content and tools used in the humanitarian sector within the architectural community in general.
  • Disseminate information about the vast and multifaceted world of humanitarian assistance and cooperative development.
  • Present the commitment demonstrated by the architects working in this sector as an added value of particular import in the promotion of the national system and of Made in Italy goods and services.
  • Communicate with the Orders and with members, contributing, through dedicated informational and training events, to that process of maturation and innovation that is indispensable to operate professionally at the national and international level.
  • Represent the many aspects of the world involved in international cooperation and solidarity, with an awareness campaign covering the entire nation.