Founded in Monza in 2006, it brings together volunteer experts who have been working in the field of development cooperation for years. The name of the association clarifies the geographical reality and the context in which it operates: “bougou” means, in Bambarà – the most widespread language in the Republic of Mali – “village of huts”; the association works, in fact, mainly in some rural villages of the African savannah.

All the projects involve close collaboration between Africa Bougou volunteers and final users, gathered in management and development committees. In order to ensure the success of this often difficult collaboration, the organization follows a limited number of projects, to enhance their feasibility, including economic support, and has always structured them in a simple and easily transmissible way, favoring the transfer of skills and the training of new professionals and at the same time learning (or rediscovering, as in the case of the Nubian vault) new construction techniques.