via Ottavio Assarotti 15 – 10122 Torino

ASF Piemonte intervenes with cooperation and local development projects in the countries of the South of the world and the national territory, in situations of social, urban and territorial emergency.

It has been present in Turin since 2006 as the regional headquarters of Architettura Senza Frontiere and in February 2010 it enrolled in the register of Piedmontese non-profit organizations.

For ASF Piemonte architecture is the outcome of a shared process, the result of projects and interventions with which the beneficiaries identify.

The principles of inclusion and sharing are the basis of social development processes, whose goal is the achievement of community self-sufficiency.

ASF Piemonte considers the multidisciplinary approach to the project to be of primary importance, an attitude that makes it possible to effectively face complex interventions, making use of specific skills and professionalism for an effective evaluation of criticalities, potentialities and possible repercussions of the project itself.