c/o Ordine Architetti PPC di Vicenza
viale Roma 3 – 36100 Vicenza

Architetti Senza Frontiere Veneto is a non-profit organization that promotes study, research and design initiatives for the sustainable development of critical territorial areas affected by socio-spatial fragility, through participatory and shared processes.

ASF-Veneto was founded in 2012 as a network of professionals at the service of cooperation projects, with humanitarian purposes, operating at all levels and at all scales based on the needs emerging from the contexts in which it is active and the skills and professional expertise available.

The association is part of an international network and acts as a professional support in Italy and abroad for organizations that activate development projects.

ASF-Veneto has as its main objective the improvement, through architecture, of the living conditions of populations and communities, wherever its intervention occurs.

The actions of the association are realized through the promotion and implementation of architectural projects in line with socio-territorial and environmental development programs, recognizing the established communities as relevant actors in the transformation processes.